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Women Entrepreneurs

How we support women entrepreneurs

GROWTHCAP assists women to face their many challenges by supporting business start-ups as well as existing women-owned and managed enterprises, and enterprises which proactively increase representation of women. These all lead to job creation, social cohesion and economic growth.

Better profitability creates more investment and more jobs.

Empowering women is a process of change that will revitalise civil society and realise the full economic potential of emerging markets, a process which will be enhanced by promoting opportunities for women entrepreneurs to contribute to sustainable, responsible business growth.

Key areas of improvement

Affirmative action is warranted in order to improve the operational conditions for women’s enterprise development, through three key areas:

  • Women’s access to support for enterprise management and growth;
  • Improved financial support for women entrepreneurs, and
  • Integrated frameworks for supporting women entrepreneurship.

GROWTHCAP can provide women-focused, demand-driven business development services through international and local advisers to build women entrepreneurs’ capacity. These are targeted to the growth of each individual enterprise, and, depending on the specific needs, can cover management and financial training, effective use of ICT, raw material selection, efficient production, product quality, design, and marketing.


+44(0) 203 384 8850