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Impact Investing

The concept and practice of impact investment – or the placement of capital with intent to generate positive social impact beyond financial return – have grown and matured significantly over the past 5 years.

For example, a Cambridge Associates and Global Impact Investing Network study in 2015 showed that, in the longer-term, sustainable investing has similar returns to traditional investing, while in the USA alone, sustainable and responsible impact investing grew by over 33% from 2014-2016.

However, investors see a number of impediments presenting challenges to the further growth of impact (or “sustainable”) investing, the most important being the difficulty in identifying attractive deals which include measurement of the social/environment impact of the investment.

GROWTHCAP’s strong social values, allied with its enterprise management advice and training, fit well with this investment approach.

There are two strands to GROWTHCAP’s impact investment work. First, developing pipelines for impact investor Funds, and secondly, assisting in fund-raising for partner investment Funds.

Together with the managers of Funds, GROWTHCAP also develops societal goals, and their measurement, for each individual investment.

The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. These goals can only be met by a combination of public and private initiatives and investments, since private investment is needed to ensure that innovative initiatives have a scalable impact on society and the environment, as well as solid financial returns.

With its network of experts and partners, GROWTHCAP works to develop entrepreneurs and privately-owned commercial businesses which always consider environmental, social and corporate governance criteria, as well as long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact, to build economies helping to meet the UN’s goals

+44(0) 203 384 8850