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About Us

GROWTHCAP is based in London at Second Home, Holland Park, and at 116 Pall Mall.

The management comprises a group of senior executives of different nationalities, each having 15 to 40 years of business experience, and provides a unique blend of management flair, business expertise and a wealth of experience.

GROWTHCAP utilises globally-experienced, sector-specific, senior business executives as Advisers to individual enterprises to create jobs, empower women, develop the potential skills of youth of both genders, and as trainers of local business consultants.

The Managers and Advisers have records of success in their own industries and have delivered many hundreds of enterprise development projects in more than 20 low-income, emerging economies in the past 20 years.

GROWTHCAP advisers coach entrepreneurs and enterprise managements to ensure they build sustainable companies, encompassing relevant issues on environmental, social and good governance strategies. They also help build the skills and capacity of local business institutions, including relevant women’s organisations.

When a sound Business Plan has been developed for an enterprise, GROWTHCAP will assist with negotiations with partner impact investors to obtain the necessary finance, either loans or equity, for each business to move to the next level of the growth cycle.

Each project is unique

Each project is tailored to the precise requirements of the individual entrepreneur.

GROWTHCAP works to transfer knowledge and required changes are implemented by the entrepreneurs and management themselves.

Typical elements include improving production and product quality, developing sales and marketing strategies, undertaking financial and strategic planning and attracting external finance, and restructuring when appropriate.

A Project Team is chosen for each enterprise, normally comprising 1-3 Advisers who develop and maintain close relationships with the CEO and management. The Team helps the enterprise with analysing, prioritising and planning and makes recommendations for improvements.

Depending on the needs of the enterprises, there is a 3-24 month timescale for individual projects, always being sufficient to assist and guide the participants with practical implementation of changes recommended; build and/or strengthen the management and workforce culture in the enterprises.

Management Skills

To be selected for GROWTHCAP assistance, the enterprise management should have the ability to benefit from a project and be prepared to commit the necessary time and effort.

Enterprises must have a demonstrable potential for growth, a genuine need for business advice and a capacity to absorb the assistance given.

Management expertise developed from GROWTHCAP advice then provides the ability to obtain, and use, new finance to increase profits by improving efficiency, products and marketing. Higher profitability creates more investment and more jobs.

GROWTHCAP projects have multiplier effects, first on business sectors as other entrepreneurs strive to match the performance of the leading businesses in each sector, and secondly on family incomes as the numbers of young people and women in the workforce increase.

GROWTHCAP also works with the management of entrepreneur institutions to convince relevant authorities to integrate entrepreneurship into the education system – this broadens the ambitions of children and increases the numbers of potential entrepreneurs.

Strengthening Society

GROWTHCAP assists forward-looking managements to strengthen socially responsible aspects of business by developing programmes to:

  • Educate and train employees.
  • Meet relevant production and product performance standards.
  • Widen and strengthen the role of women in all aspects of the business.
  • Assist young entrepreneurs, particularly in the ICT sector.
  • Use energy efficiently and reduce damage to the environment.
+44(0) 203 384 8850