Building Businesses

GrowthCap has been established to build the businesses of entrepreneurs in privately owned micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) in emerging markets.

GrowthCap assists the development of local consultancies and investors, and shares management experience and expertise from around the world.

GrowthCap emphasises support for empowerment of women, developing young entrepreneurs, agribusiness, protecting the environment and building community initiatives.

Strategy for Enterprises

GrowthCap has a two-pronged strategy:

  • for micro and small enterprises, with workforces from 1-50, local consultants are used to assist management with their most urgent problems;
  • for medium-sized enterprises, with workforces of around 50-500, Advisers from mature economies are added to share their management expertise and knowledge of all aspects of the specific business sector, from sourcing raw materials to marketing and exporting.

Strategy for Impact Investment

The concept and practice of impact investment – or the placement of capital with intent to generate positive social impact beyond financial return – have grown and matured significantly over the past 5 years.

GrowthCap’s strong social values fit well with this investment approach. GrowthCap therefore forms partnerships with local and international private and institutional investors to build demand for, and to provide, investment funding for enterprises.


GrowthCap develops and delivers projects on time, within agreed budgets, with high quality and sustainable tangible benefits to entrepreneurs from increased sales and higher profits, while local people in general derive the social benefits arising from increased employment.


High levels of business performance flow from building strong and able MSME management, resulting in benefits such as:

    • increased sales and exports;
    • better designed and quality products;
    • improved profitability for reinvestment;
    • ability to attract external finance;
    • creation of jobs;
    • overall growth in sectors with high potential and those producing goods with a high added-value component.